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Enjoy stylish dining at ShaSa Resort & Residences, Koh Samui. Experience a global perspective on eating, drawing together the best of thai and mediterranean influences and fresh local seafood. Creative cocktails, a world-class wine list and fresh fruit juices complement the menu perfectly.

BEYOND THE SEA, the Siamese Brasserie, always welcomes you with the sense of familiarity and inviting atmosphere. Traditional thai cuisine presented with a genteel western aesthetic style to deliver a flawless experience. In the early afternoon, the air is filled with the rich aromas of coffee. These give way to clinks of plates into full swing for the evening. Once the sun falls below the horizon into the night, you can share a great conversation with old friends while enjoying a drink from the premium list at the vintage bar.


If the Red Curry Sauce with the local Coconut Milk are not making specials for you, let the fine Sirloin Beef do. BEYOND THE SEA is presenting Red Curry Fine AUS Sirloin Beef, one of popular Thai dishes. Served with mellow mango scoops to harmonise all those spices.

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